Friday, 7 February 2014

Farewell Hickok, hello Dark Eyes: Filming Wraps on First Half of 8th Doctor Season 3

After filming 6 hours a week for the last three weeks on The Treasure of Mars, filming has finally concluded on the first half of the season. Huzzah! But unfortunately for me there's still three episodes to be edited, so I'm just swapping one form of production for another.

Filming will recommence as the editing on Treasure comes to a close, which will be roughly March/April if I stay on top of things. The first thing to be shot is a huge sequence that will barely get any screentime, but it's an absolute necessity! This will take several evenings to shoot before I can get into the real nitty gritty again, and I'm telling you now, the hard stuff hasn't even begun. Lot's of hard work ahead producing the final six episodes.

Finally, as the title suggests, I have now completed filming using the TV Movie 8th Doctor figure. After several episodes produced using this figure over the last three or so years it seems odd to just plonk him in the cabinet, but that's the way the story goes...

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